One Hundred


“As we speak,” Stefan Cassadine detailed, “Alexis has begun preparations to travel to Pentonville in order to accompany the body of your half-brother back to Port Charles. This is, I understand, a prelude to the public memorial she wishes to hold in his behalf.” Stefan paused to listen. “I will interpret your silence as an indication that you, too, are against such foolish actions on Alexis' part.”

“I thought I had convinced her to stay away from all this.”

Stefan had no problem recognizing the detective's anger and frustration. It was evident in the way he spoke through gritted teeth. “There is no convincing Alexis to remain clear of this situation,” Stefan said. “The only way you will accomplish such a feat is to handle these matters yourself. You are, after all, Corinthos' next-of-kin.”

Taggert responded angrily. “I am here at Pentonville as an official representative of the Port Charles Police Department – nothing more and nothing less!”

“However strongly you might wish to avoid the truth, Detective,” Stefan replied calmly, “you cannot escape who you are. Any more than Alexis can escape her truth.” His voice hardened. “My sister is a Cassadine. Whatever folly led her to form an involvement with a common street thug like Michael Corinthos has been erased with his death. I will not allow Alexis to return to that sewer which your half-brother once called his life. The sooner you handle the disposition of Corinthos' remains, the sooner my family can put this entire ugly association behind us.”

“Tough words,” Marcus challenged. “But they make me wonder just why you are in such a hurry to bury Sonny Corinthos. Maybe you had something to do with his death. We both know that such a thing isn't beyond your doing.”

Stefan decided to speak freely. “Detective, it has been my intention, from the moment I discovered Michael Corinthos' connection to my sister, to erase him completely from her life. It was only Alexis' threat to remove Kristina permanently from mine that stilled my hand and spared your brother's life. I will not pretend sorrow that fate has so efficiently taken care of this situation. My only concern now is to sever whatever emotional bonds might remain with Alexis.”

Regrettably, Marcus could not argue the other man's logic. “You know that Alexis won't thank you – or me – for depriving her of the chance to do this.”

“That is unfortunate,” Stefan responded coldly. “Alexis will just have to settle for comforting herself privately with Corinthos' ashes.”


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