"Hi. Can we go talk somewhere?"

Detective Marcus Taggert slowly turned away from the filing cabinet he had been searching through. "Why don't you just give me the condensed version right here?"

Dara gestured toward the empty office that she usually occupied during meetings with Police Commissioner Scorpio at the Port Charles Police Department Headquarters. "I'd rather we talked."

Marcus sighed loudly. "Dara-"

"Or we could just talk right here." The Assistant District Attorney raised her voice, causing several of Marcus' fellow detectives to glance their way.

The implied threat did the trick. Marcus visibly reined in his temper and nodded curtly. "Let's go talk."

Marcus silently followed Dara into the small office. He waited until the young woman seated herself before doing the same.

"You've been here all morning," Dara stated without preamble. Her eyes scanned her ex-lover's face, taking in his weary expression.

"I work here."

"All morning I waited for you to call, or to come by and pick me up. When you didn't do either, I called here and they told me you hadn't moved from your desk since you arrived." Dara tapped the face of her wristwatch. "There is still a little time before it is too late… Marcus, don't let your anger make you do something you will be sorry for later." She reached across the table. "Come on. I will go with you."

"First my mother, now you!" Marcus jerked his hands away and pushed angrily away from the table. "I wish you both would just back off and let me think!"

"Unfortunately you don't have that luxury. Your father's memorial will be over in minutes and you will have let your anger keep you away." Dara laid her hand on Marcus' arm. His muscles were taut and steely. "Marcus, please…"

A quick rap upon the closed door made Dara jump. The door opened and Agent Larkin stuck his head in. "Detective Taggert, I could really use your help with a couple of files I left on your desk."