A single nagging ray of light bored beneath her tightly squeezed eyelids and refused to allow her further sleep. Carly Corinthos groaned softly and rolled out of bed. Barefoot, she stumbled down the brief staircase and found Jason Morgan in the exact spot she'd left him the night before.

Jason peered pensively between the heavy drapes. Carly knew that his thoughts were centered many miles away, back in Port Charles with Sonny.

“I didn't think you would be here when I got up this morning,” Carly stated.

“Sonny sent me here to protect you and Michael.”

“Who is going to protect him?” Carly moved beside her best friend Jason. “He is all alone back there, Jase.”

Jason's expression tightened. He was all too aware that Sonny remained alone and vulnerable back in Port Charles. “This is what Sonny wanted.”

“But it is not what I want!” Carly saw that Jason was unmoved by her outburst. “Jason, I don't think I could live if something happened to Sonny.” She placed her hands on Jason's chest. “Look at me, Jase,” Carly pleaded. “I love Sonny. And you promised me that you would do anything to make me happy. So help me save my husband.”

“Jase,” Carly repeated, her voice breaking, “you promised.”

Jason sighed. “Carly, if I do this, you have to make some promises of your own.” He held her gaze and would not allow her to look away. “You have to promise to listen to Francis and do whatever he tells you.”

At Carly's nod, Jason continued. “No setting foot outside these doors unless Francis says it's okay. And,” Jason gripped Carly's upper arms, “this is the most important promise, Carly. You can't try calling me or anyone in Port Charles for any reason!”

Carly took a moment to consider Jason's words. She wanted him to see that she did not just blindly agree to his terms. “I promise, Jason. Just go help Sonny.”

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