“Mac, what's going on?”

Police Commissioner Mac Scorpio took a deep breath and tried to gather his thoughts amid all the noise of the room. His attention was being pulled in several directions at once. His own men and women were hard at work despite the distraction of the throng of federal agents who swarmed all over the precinct. “We've been relieved of the Corbin case.”

Dara grimaced. “Well, it isn't like you weren't expecting this.”

“I know. Still, it really ticks me off that we have been completely shut out of the entire investigation.”


“Completely.” Mac beckoned for the Assistant District Attorney to follow him across the room. Dara followed the Port Charles Police Commissioner as he walked to a nearby interrogation room. Beyond the two-way mirror she could see Marcus Taggert deep in conversation with a dark-suited man whose every action screamed Federal Agent . “That is Agent Larkin,” Mac Scorpio explained, “the Agent-in-charge of the case.”

“Why is he questioning Marcus?”

“He isn't really.” Mac crossed his arms and frowned. “Larkin is making use of Taggert's extensive knowledge of Sonny Corinthos and his organization. Or so he said. But you know, Dara,” Mac uttered quietly, “there is just something about Larkin that doesn't sit well with me. His words say that he's only after the truth where Sonny is concerned. But his eyes say something totally different.”

Upon hearing Mac's words, Dara felt a cold hand clutch her heart. There was no way that Larkin could know about the common bond between Marcus and Sonny Corinthos. Was there?

“You need to get him out of there!”

Mac was stunned by the sense of urgency in Dara's voice. “Why? What is wrong?”

Dara realized that her strong reaction had piqued Mac's curiosity. She tried to cover. “We both know how strongly Marcus is determined to bring Sonny and his organization down. If there is something fishy about this agent Larkin, don't we owe it to Marcus to protect his back? Especially now when he might not be thinking so clearly?”

“Especially now?”

As soon as the words had exited her mouth, Dara hoped that Mac would not pick up on them. But the man had not been made Police Commissioner for no reason. “Taggert has been on duty since the bombing occurred,” she hedged. “Even he gets tired.”

Mac saw the truth in the A.D.A.'s words. Marcus Taggert was one of his men, and a friend as well. It was time for him to intervene.

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