Marcus visibly debated before accepting the cell phone from Dara. The only person he detested more than Sonny Corinthos was Justus Ward. Through circumstances of birth Justus was one of the privileged few. But instead of using his family's wealth and influence to do something positive, the young attorney chose to run as fast and far away as he could manage from the people who needed him. Apparently the shock of discovering that he was the grandson of Edward Quartermaine had driven Justus to the irrational decision of joining Sonny Corinthos' criminal organization. Marcus had no patience for Justus' life choices.

"What do you want, Ward?"

Justus reminded himself of his reasons for contacting the surly police detective. He bit back an angry retort. "Someone just returned A.J.'s son Michael to the Quartermaine mansion."

"Someone returned him?" Marcus repeated slowly.

"Naked and unconscious, but otherwise okay."

Silence . Marcus put aside his dislike of the man on the other end of the phone. "What is going on?"

"I don't know," Justus replied honestly. "But I'm guessing that Sonny is in over his head this time."

"How can you not know what is going on? You and Morgan are Sonny's inner circle."

Despite his intention to remain civil, Justus reacted angrily to Taggert's sarcastic comments. "I am out of the business," Justus replied through clenched teeth. "And I don't really give a damn whether you believe that or not." He gripped the cell phone tightly within his fist. "I called you to let you know what's going on. And to try and get some information about my cousin Jason."

Marcus privately acknowledged that Justus probably had cause to be concerned about Jason Morgan. He had no respect for the brain damaged hit man, but Marcus could easily admit that Jason had proven willing to protect his loved ones with his very life.

“You want me to confirm what you already believe.” Marcus said.

“Yes,” Justus replied curtly.

In that single word Marcus heard the other man's deep pain and was reminded that Justus loved his cousin. “I will see what I can find out,” Marcus responded gruffly.

“What's going on?” Dara stopped Marcus from absentmindedly placing her cell phone in his pocket.

“Sonny's kid was taken and returned. Anthony Sorrell is making his moves.”

Dara frowned. “Justus is worried?”

Marcus had done some research on Anthony Sorrell's organization. Nothing he had uncovered help to ease the growing apprehension Marcus felt. If Sorrell was responsible for Mike Corbin's death, then war had been declared. Sonny and his organization were bad enough for Port Charles. Anthony Sorrell and his men were a hundred times worse.

“Justus is right to be worried,” Marcus told her. “I think maybe everyone in Port Charles should be as well.” He came to a sudden decision. “Dara, I've got to go.”

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