Any other time such obvious tactics would have gotten beneath his skin. He would have silently seethed and planned eventual retaliation. But today – now- he simply couldn't manage the anger.

“This is disappointing.” FBI agent Larkin sighed and crossed his legs. He made himself more comfortable on the arm of the custom-made leather couch. “I mean, I heard all these scary things about you and you're nothing but a big letdown.”

Sonny Corinthos just stared at Larkin. He saw the other man's mouth moving but Larkin's words were as insignificant to the mobster as the irritating drone of a mosquito.

“Well, let's see what else we can talk about.” Larkin pursed his lips and pretended to think. “Did I mention yet that the Bureau took possession of your friend's body?”

Why do you have Jason's body ?”

Larkin's brows rose dramatically. “Oh. Did that manage to grab your attention, Mr. Corinthos? The Bureau thought that we would take a look at your Mr. Morgan. Commissioner Scorpio's small-town lab won't find anything, of course.” Larkin suddenly grinned sadistically. “But I am certain we will. Even if we have to slice Morgan up into tiny little wafers. Of course,” he pointed out, “you could prevent that, if you wanted to.”

Sonny was filled with white-hot anger at Larkin's enjoyment of the tragic situation at hand. He launched himself at Larkin and managed to get off several crushing blows to the agent's smug face before his waiting backups stormed the penthouse.

“Stupid move, Corinthos.” Larkin's fingers attempted to staunch the flow of blood from his broken nose. “Real stupid move.” He nodded and the team of men began to efficiently work Sonny over. After only a few minutes the agent on guard at the door stiffened and pressed a hand to his right ear. “That's enough,” he commanded the others.

Larkin was irritated by the young agent's interference with his authority. He opened his mouth to correct him when the man explained his actions. “Mr. Corinthos' lawyer and a Port Charles police officer are on their way up.”

“Damn Scorpio!” Larkin cursed. “Well, Sonny boy, you've been saved for the moment. But don't get too comfortable. We are going to finish this later.”

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