“…and now everyone I know is a target. So you shouldn't have come here.” Sonny tried to rise. “Go home, Alexis.”

“I'll stay awhile. Beside, my ride already left.”

At the mention of his half-brother, Sonny grew irritated. “Why did you bring Taggert here in the first place?”

Alexis ignored Sonny's mood. She had been involved with him at one time and easily learned just what was ‘bark' and what was ‘bite'. “Marcus Taggert is an honest officer and a good man. I knew that no matter how much he dislikes you, he wouldn't stand by allow Larkin and his goons to mistreat you.”

“…And he's your brother.”

Alexis answered the unspoken question she read in Sonny's eyes. “Stefan found out. Most people tend to underestimate the scope of my brother's resources.”

Sonny struggled to sit up. “Your brother's been having me watched? He saw my family get taken and didn't try to let me know?”

“Of course not!” Alexis stared at her ex-lover. “You know, Sonny, you might not want to believe this, but you and your organization aren't important enough to warrant Stefan's constant attention.” She put some distance between them. “He only got involved because I asked him to.” There was a moment of uncomfortable silence. “And for the record, Stefan was married to Bobbie Spencer once. If he'd been protecting Carly she would still be alive. ”

The words were painful for Sonny to hear. He did not need a reminder that his arrogance was the reason that Carly, Jason and most of his men were dead. He had been so certain that his reputation was sufficient to deter attacks on his family that he did not give the matter of their safety the consideration it deserved. Sonny had sent them off to a nearby safe house – as though all it took to keep them safe from his rival was to remove them from Sorrell's sight.

“Sorrell's going to pay,” Sonny vowed. “I am going to see to that.”

“With what?” Alexis glanced around the penthouse. “You barely have enough bodyguards left to protect this penthouse!” She shook her head. “All you will succeed in doing is getting yourself killed.”

“Or is that what you're hoping for?”

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