Tammy Carson absently fingered the long white envelope. She was still trying to take in the fact that it had been entrusted into her care. With Sonny Corinthos in jail and rumored to be relocated to a federal facility any day, he had chosen to impose on Tammy's fondness for Mike Corbin. In a terse note, Mike asked Tammy to see that the letter Mike had written to his daughter would be safely delivered.

Tammy knew all about Mike's three kids. One night, in a fit of melancholy, Mike had quietly confessed to Tammy that he had other children beside Sonny Corinthos. The name Courtney Matthews meant nothing to Tammy. But when Mike added that Detective Marcus Taggert was also his offspring, the sheer shock of it kept Tammy silent on that topic for nearly five months.

The animosity between Mike's two sons was common knowledge on the streets of Port Charles. Marcus and Sonny hated each other so much that everyone expected there would be only one man left standing when all their battles were done.

It was that animosity between the men that made Tammy hesitate to fulfill Sonny's request. The former call girl wondered if Marcus knew that he had a younger sister somewhere out there in the world. How would he feel about Tammy making contact with the young woman on Sonny's behalf? Knowing Sonny Corinthos was currently a very dangerous thing indeed.

Tammy came to a swift decision. She copied the contact information onto a piece of paper and then slipped it into an envelope. Tomorrow she would head to Pennsylvania to deliver Mike Corbin's letter to his daughter Courtney. Before leaving though, Tammy intended to meet with Marcus Taggert and share the news of his younger sister with Marcus.

This should cover any expenses. Tammy shook her head at the packet of hundred dollar bills that was included in Sonny's package to her. The mobster had taken no chances that Tammy would find any reason to refuse his request.

Tammy dropped the ten thousand dollars in her overnight case and snapped it shut. She didn't waste time wondering about the origins of such a large bundle of cash. Sonny's people would have made sure that it was untraceable and perfectly legal to any prying eyes.

Sonny's people. There weren't too many left who qualified for that description anymore. Anthony Sorrell had eliminated the majority of Sonny's men and replaced their presence around town with his own men. Pretty soon Port Charles would be a far less forgiving place for someone like Tammy to be independent.

Slowly Tammy wandered through the familiar little apartment she had lived in for the past eight years. There was nothing holding her in Port Charles anymore. Perhaps she would take this opportunity to begin a brand new life in a fresh change of scenery. Between Sonny's ten grand and the eventual proceeds of Mike's insurance policy, Tammy held quite a tidy nest egg.

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