No eye contact was made between the two brothers. Marcus Taggert's dark eyes took in everything around him. His half-brother Sonny Corinthos kept his gaze focused straight ahead at all times.

 A single glance from Commissioner Mac Scorpio reassured him that his decision to include his lead detective in the transfer of his mobster half-brother was a sound one. Taggert's unruffled demeanor gave the Commissioner a similar sense of calm and he turned his attention back to the federal agents at work. “It's time.”

 Every one in the room steeled himself for the next few minutes. They were all experienced enough to know that if an attack against Sonny Corinthos were to occur, it would do so as they exited the Port Charles Police Station lock-up. It was the most vulnerable time of the entire transfer schedule.

 Twelve federal agents formed a tight circle around the prisoner. All the agents, and Sonny Corinthos, were outfitted in state of the art body armor. They were aware, though, that a single shot to the head would easily defeat the armor's protection.

 Because of the anticipated threat from Sonny's enemies, the feds had chosen not to shackle the mobster's feet as protocol demanded. In case of attack, Corinthos' inability to move quickly would only help to needlessly endanger the lives of the men and women guarding him.

Sonny's hands were handcuffed in front of him, though. Federal agents on each side of the mobster held a stun gun against the pulse points just below each ear. Such precautions were taken to discourage any temptation Sonny might feel to attempt a desperate escape.

 Mac Scorpio edged his way around the human barrier. “I will take point,” he informed the feds. “My men will have your backs.” Mac then addressed the two men who served under him. “Taggert, you and Garcia keep sharp.”

 With deliberate speed, the phalanx of men headed for the transport van. Consideration had been given to including Sonny among a busload of other prisoners also on their way to Pentonville. In the end, that idea was thrown out and arrangements for solitary transportation of the mob boss was arranged.

 The federal agents exchanged glances when they reached the van unmolested. To say that they were surprised was an understatement. None of them saw Anthony Sorrell allowing a loose end such as Sonny Corinthos to remain unresolved.

They weren't naïve enough to believe all danger was past. The last few minutes simply meant that the inevitable attack upon the prison transfer would take place somewhere along the route to Pentonville.

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