Part Ten

Well, the respite was over.

Alexandra had awoken to the words ‘Prepare yourself for me.' Her body was painfully tender from the Prince's constant and sometime overly enthusiastic possession of her. Not that that particular fact impacted his behavior. Only moments earlier Stavros had proceeded to part her weary thighs and bury himself deep within her tender walls.

Alexandra's involuntary cry of pain elicited not sympathy, but a satisfied growl of pleasure from Stavros, who thrust unforgivingly inside her. “Ahhhhh...Sasha,” he'd ground out as he spilled himself deep inside his bride. “Very good.”

It had only been three days.

Or an eternity.

Alexandra was not certain just which. During the three days that had elapsed since her wedding to Stavros Cassadine, they had been ensconced within their suite, ‘consummating the marriage'. That was how her husband described the staggering array of sexual acts he had performed with and on her.

Now she was expected to join him at the family breakfast table when it was all Alexandra could do to drag herself from the warm soothing comfort of the tub.

“I am not averse to spending the day in the tub with you,” Stavros offered as he prepared to step into the shower. “With the excellent breathing control you have demonstrated,” he said, “there are several underwater positions you would take to quite naturally.”

The Prince's words effectively galvanized Alexandra like nothing else could have. Abruptly she stood up and stepped out of the tub. “I think it is time I met your family.”

Your family as well, Princess,” Stavros reminded her. “But it will be as you wish. We shall save such delights for another time.”

Ignoring his subtle promise, Alexandra breathed a sigh of relief. For whatever reason, her husband the Prince was willing to acquiesce to her wishes. She accepted her good fortune and quietly made her escape from Stavros' presence.

Absently Alexandra began to don the clothing that Stavros had chosen and laid out for her introduction to the family. The next hour or so would determine her future. She would learn if there was anyone among the Cassadine family she could rely on when she finally decided to make her move.