Part Nineteen

Other than a slight misstep upon entering the room, Alexandra gave no indication of how truly awed she was by the sheer opulence of what was to be her bedroom. She appeared to listen in silence as Mrs. Landsbury gave her quick tour.

The housekeeper's words were wasted, however. “I will leave you to get comfortable, Princess Alexandra,” she heard the older woman say. “But should you require anything, you need only call as I have shown you.”

A quick glance over at the intercom system with all its numerous buttons and lights let her know that the device was not a simple one. Alexandra knew that she should have asked the longtime employee to repeat her demonstration of the control panel. But the new princess was desperate for a few moments alone to allow her weary defenses to rest.

As soon as the heavy ornate door closed behind the housekeeper, Alexandra began to explore her surroundings. From solid gold fixtures to antique vases and bowls, the suite was a three dimensional brochure for excess.

Alexandra's wanderings eventually led her to the bedroom. She had purposely delayed entering that particular room. Just the thought of what she would find there made her slightly nauseous. No doubt her beloved husband Prince Stavros would have ‘equipped' it to his perverted tastes. The young woman hesitantly stepped into the room expecting to find harnesses from the ceiling, vibrating beds and perhaps a life-sized cage somewhere in the corner.

To her shock, the room was tastefully, if lavishly, done. Physically large enough to house two normal sized rooms, it was appointed with tasteful turn of the century furniture and somewhat somber trappings. Of course the golden fixtures and antiques were amply in effect, but overall the bedroom was a place Alexandra could easily see herself finding refuge.

If not for the inescapable fact of the identity of the man she would share it with.

Curiously she wandered over to the bed. Several times larger than a king-sized bed, this one must have been made just for Stavros or the Cassadine family. Alexandra had a fleeting moment of gratitude for the sheer width of it. Perhaps if she were lucky, she would be able to maintain distance between Stavros and herself.

In the center of the massive pillows lay a gift wrapped with a bow. With extreme caution, Alexandra lifted it and opened the box. A note lay on top: