Part Twenty-Seven

“If there is one thing you should remember about me, Princess, it is that I believe in knowing everything about those around me. How they think, how they will react…”

Oddly enough, that prophetic phrase uttered by her new husband several days ago, was the first thing that Alexandra thought of once she realized that her current dilemma was orchestrated by Stavros' hand.

Her thoughts flew immediately to the day she had arrived at Wyndemere as the new Cassadine Princess. She had finally made her way to the suite she was to share with Stavros and found lying there on the bed a bottle of gift-wrapped port. Alexandra had taken one look at the innocent looking gift, read her husband's disconcerting note, and then placed the bottle as far away as she could.

The young woman wanted to scream aloud. Stavros had been so certain of her reaction! It must have afforded her husband enormous pleasure to think that the very toxin that now rendered her muscles incapacitated was within her possession all along. If only she had taken even one taste of the port, Stavros' plan would have been foiled!

Alexandra had no time for regrets. Panic began to set in as she listened closely to her husband's almost whimsical one-sided conversation. Panic turned to terror as Stavros rolled her onto her stomach and Alexandra could no longer catch even glimpses of the activity around her.

“I must take my virginity wherever I find it.”

Stavros' cryptic statement sent Alexandra's mind racing. What did he mean? How could he-

The answer was not long in coming. Alexandra's brain frantically sent signals to her lifeless limbs to spring into motion. But the toxin that she had ingested overrode her body's flight mechanism and the helpless young woman could only lie there at her husband's mercy.

“Share my pleasure.”

Despite the obvious lubricant Stavros had so carefully applied, Alexandra felt the painful pressure of his entrance. She did not know just which thing outraged her more: that Stavros, based upon the pleased moans he uttered atop her, felt no remorse over violating her so, or that he had willfully and deliberately denied her the basic human ability to defend herself against his actions.

Alexandra gave a silent scream as she felt the tender tissue tear from the violence of a particularly vigorous thrust. It seemed that the toxin did not deny her body the ability to feel. Only the ability to move.

Time ceased to have meaning for Alexandra. She forced her mind to a place far away from the atrocity being inflicted upon her body. To a place far removed from her new husband and his perversion.

The suffocating weight of Stavros' body slumping down atop hers pulled Alexandra from the refuge she had found in her mind. The young woman felt detached from it all as she listened to her husband gasp for breath.

“We are now bound forever, my Princess, my wife.”

Clinically Alexandra made note of the pain of his withdrawal. Stavros rolled her onto her back and tugged the linen sheet from beneath her limp torso. With it he wiped away the smears of Alexandra's blood that streaked his groin.

Now,” Alexandra heard her husband say proudly from somewhere beside the bed, “tradition has been served.”