Part Thirty

Anthony DiMera stood on the Port Charles docks and looked toward Spoon Island where his sister Alexandra was being held hostage. His keen, patrician features were stern as he assessed the situation. Tony's sharp eyesight searched for whatever advantage he might be able to use in his attempt to rescue his sister from the secluded fortress.

Oh, his father Stefano could describe the situation in as many pleasant-sounding phrases as he wished. But for Tony the fact remained that Alexandra had been forced into a marriage she did not desire and was therefore a prisoner of her new husband.

He and Alexandra had not grown up as DiMera siblings. They'd had no idea that they were, in fact, brother and sister. Yet from the moment Tony had introduced himself to the beautiful young woman he was to call ‘sister', he felt a protectiveness toward her that he did not question.

As a DiMera there was no doubt that Alexandra needed protecting - from their family's enemies and more importantly, from their father Stefano. The older man had involved Tony in innumerable plots – the majority of which were illegal. Tony had participated willingly in his youth but now spent his days attempting to undo the harm he had done so many.

Alexandra had been equally hard at work repairing her damaged reputation. His younger sister's many mistakes had served to alienate most of the citizens of Salem. Yet despite all her efforts, the young woman was spurned at every turn.

For her family and friends, Alexandra was irreparably tainted by the DiMera name and legacy. Their constant rebuffs had only served to isolate the young woman more and more, and soon Tony was her sole source of companionship and support. Now, thanks to their father Stefano, Alexandra had been thrust into the midst of complete strangers whose reputations rivaled the DiMera family itself.

As he considered the unsettling information he had uncovered about Prince Stavros Cassadine, Tony felt himself slip easily back into the old DiMera ways. He stared out across the tranquil waters surrounding Spoon Island and vowed to do whatever it took to rescue his younger sister from the prison of her forced marriage to Stavros Cassadine.

It was a vow that encompassed everything… including murder.