Part Thirty-Four

The firm knock that sounded on his door interrupted Tony DiMera's phone conversation. He uttered a curt ‘goodbye' and moved to answer the door. “Yes?”

An elegantly dressed stranger bowed his head in a brief salute. “Good morning, Mister DiMera. I am Andreas.” He stepped just inside the hotel room. “Prince Stavros has dispatched me to issue to you an invitation to dine this evening at Wyndemere, the Cassadine family estate on Spoon Island.”

Tony's eyes narrowed. “And exactly how did Prince Stavros know that I was here?

Andreas met his suspicious gaze. “The Prince's ways are not for me to know, or understand. I merely serve.” The servant waited a beat. “May I convey to the Prince that you accept his dinner invitation?”

“How is my sister?”

Tony DiMera's abrupt change of subject did not faze the watchful Cassadine manservant. Andreas did not respond to the query, but instead repeated an adapted version of his earlier reply. “Such things are not my place to discuss,” he said calmly. “Now… may I convey to the Prince your acceptance?”

Reluctantly Tony abandoned his pursuit of information about Alexandra and her current state of being. The Cassadine servant had made it plain that he would do nothing but that which his employer had instructed him. “Yes, you may tell the Prince that I accept his invitation. I want to see for myself that my sister is alright.”

“Very well,” Andreas nodded. “Until that time, a car and driver have been placed at your disposal. You need only alert the management here and they will immediately summon the driver should you wish to explore our fair town of Port Charles.” Andreas backed out of the room. “And you may rest assured that I shall convey your concerns about the Princess Cassadine to her husband Prince Stavros immediately.”

‘I'll just bet you will,' Tony thought, closing the door behind the departing servant. Idly he wondered what other information the deceptively harmless manservant had managed to gather for his employer during their brief conversation.

Tony DiMera bit his lip thoughtfully. It seemed that he had underestimated Stavros Cassadine. Alexandra's husband had made the first move in their dance around one another. Tony did not intend to make a hasty response. He was convinced even more than before that his sister's life might very well depend on what he did next.