Part Fifty-One

“If asked to choose between us, which would you say had the more arrogant profile?”

Alexandra knew that the question was undoubtedly a verbal trap. Still, she provided an honest response without much hesitation. “You do, my husband.”

Prince Stavros Cassadine leaned in toward the mirror. He carefully studied the reflection he saw there. Stavros angled his face first left then right as he peered through one eye at the mirror. “I do believe you are correct.” He gave himself one last admiring glance, then moved away.

“Tell me, Princess. Did you enjoy this evening with your brother?”

“Yes. Thank you.” Alexandra slipped out of her sheer negligee and climbed into bed. Out of necessity she had become accustomed to appearing totally nude before her demanding husband.

“I am pleased.” Stavros rubbed his hands together. “Shall we celebrate the evening?” He appeared beside his wife carrying a familiar bottle of port and a single filled glass.

Stavros awaited his wife's reaction to the port with a wolfish grin upon his face. He was not disappointed; Alexandra recoiled as though she had suddenly encountered a deadly cobra. Stavros threw his head back and laughed. “You delight me, Sasha!” He raised the glass of port to his lips and drained it effortlessly. “Our life together will be a good one.”

Alexandra watched cautiously as her husband went around the room dimming the lamps. Stavros was still amused at her earlier reaction and he chuckled as he lowered the flame of the final lamp.

“Goodnight, Princess.” Stavros tugged at the drawstrings of his silken pajama bottoms. The soft material slithered to the floor and Stavros slid into bed beside his wife. Automatically he reached for her and pulled Alexandra's body tightly against his own. In a move that had become habit, Stavros insinuated one leg between his wife's lithe limbs. “Sleep well.” He tweaked the nipple closest to his hand and then kissed his young wife tenderly upon the temple.

Alexandra lay still and awaited the telltale signs of her husband's body that would alert her to his desire for her. She quickly forced her body to relax. Alexandra did not wish to draw Stavros' attention.

Stavros soft, regular breathing put Alexandra at ease. For a few hours she would be safe from her husband's sexual attention. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift into the oblivion of sleep.