Part Four

        Ward House was alive once more with the sounds of conversation and laughter.  Despite the day’s solemn occasion, it was a welcome occurrence.

            “…and there Justus was, a grown man trying to eat a sandwich, with Mary Mae steadily stuffing napkins beneath his chin.  You know he just shook his head…”

            Keesha smiled as she moved past the table full of older ladies.  All around the room, friends and neighbors had settled into little groups to laugh and reminisce and enjoy the enormous variety of food available.

At a table far across the room, Edward Quartermaine was now holding court.  It was several hours later and the old man had obviously recovered from his momentary weakness earlier in Mount Hebron Church.

Edward was surrounded by every dark-suited politician and businessman who had attended Justus’ memorial service.  The knot of men there in the far corner was a virtual ‘who’s who’ of the Port Charles upper echelon.

Keesha idly wondered why Ward House did not tilt over in their direction.  The combined weight of the men’s wealth was definitely sufficient enough to accomplish such a feat.

“The old man has already started.”

Jason Morgan’s voice sounding just beside her caught Keesha completely off-guard.  She had not heard his silent approach nor had she seen it from the corner of her eye.  Keesha turned, being careful to maintain a neutral expression for the benefit of anyone watching.

“Why are you still here, Jason?”  She tempered the anger in her voice.  Keesha reminded herself that Jason, much like Justus, had chosen the unsavory lifestyle of Mob living.  Any anger she felt about their decisions was to be reserved solely for mob boss Michael ‘Sonny’ Corinthos.  Had he truly cared about the two men, Sonny would have turned them away.

“We need to meet before you go back to Philadelphia,” he replied simply.

Keesha could not keep the incredulous expression off her face.  “I can’t think of one possible reason – with the exception of you telling me who did this to Justus – why you and I have any reason at all to ever see one another again.”

Jason met Keesha’s gaze evenly.  “Justus knew that something like this could happen.”  He shrugged slightly.  “There were things he wanted me to tell you.  Things about Ward House and the Old Man.”

“I used to talk to Justus at least twice a week.  If there was something he’d wanted me to know, he would have told me.”

“Every time he tried, you didn’t want to hear.”  The cold, unfeeling individual who occupied the body of the man Keesha once loved did not sugarcoat his words.  “You hated the life Justus chose,” Jason Morgan responded.  His words, issued without an ounce of inflection, nonetheless seemed to drip with accusation.  “Even though you both knew the truth, Justus had to pretend he wasn’t a part of that life just so you wouldn’t cut him out of yours.”

Jason watched Keesha struggle for a response.  “Are you going to meet with me or not?” he asked.

“Fine,” Keesha finally bit out.  “Tomorrow at ten.”