Part Eight


Being back among her family in Philadelphia did not bring Keesha the comfort she’d hoped for.  The details of Justus’ life, which the people of Port Charles had respectfully not discussed, were dissected and examined in depth by each Ward family relative visiting at the house.

Keesha found herself in the unfamiliar position of defending Justus’ choices.  At one point she looked across the room for a little support from Justus’ sister Faith.  But Faith, two years younger than Justus, simply stared unemotionally at Keesha, making it obvious that she would not be any help.

Sadly Keesha reconsidered her plan to stay an entire week among her family.  After a mere two days she realized that while the Ward family did mourn Justus’ passing, in many ways they saw his death as an inevitable consequence of his chosen profession.  Yet to Keesha the entire thing had come as a total shock.

Keesha sighed and rolled over onto her back.  In the darkness of her childhood bedroom, she tried to figure out just why that was.  After all, she had not held a single conversation with her beloved cousin that did not include a warning about the dangers his lifestyle and personal associations posed.

The truth that came to her there in the darkness was a bitter one.  The very people Keesha had tried so hard to separate Justus from were in fact the same people she had automatically relied on to keep him safe.  No matter what she thought of Carly’s decision to immerse her son into that deadly world, Keesha could not deny Sonny’s efforts to shield them from danger.  Perhaps foolishly she assumed that Sonny and Jason would protect Justus with all the vigilance they reserved for their tiny family group.

And now, having failed to protect Justus, it seemed that neither man cared enough to seek vengeance for her cousin’s death.  Where was the organization’s anger?  Their desire to send a message to those responsible?

It was hypocritical of her, Keesha admitted, that despite all her speeches to the contrary, in the wake of Justus’ death all she wanted was for Sonny to take permanent action against whoever killed him.  But the mob boss’ lack of action made it plain that the matter of Justus’ killer would be put to rest as quietly as the lawyer himself had been.

Keesha fell into a troubled sleep with a single thought resonating in her mind.  If Jason and Sonny would not seek retribution for Justus’ death, then she would do all she could to find the murderer and bring him to justice.