Strange Bedfellows


“I have known the young Prince since his birth,” Aristide Cassadine replied in response to the judge’s question.  “And his father Stavros before him.  It was I,” he continued, “who served as Trustee of the family coffers during the all too brief period of Prince Stavros’ rule...”

Helena allowed her attention to leave the conversation between Aristide and Judge Cho.  The experienced old lawyer was practiced enough that Helena did not feel compelled to oversee his every response to the magistrate’s questions.

Her thoughts centered on Stefan and the maneuver he had attempted earlier.  Helena grudgingly credited her younger son for the almost ingenious choice he had made in Dara Jensen.  Her unsuccessful antagonistic battles against various members of the Cassadine family were public knowledge.  If anyone could be relied upon to maintain procedure and enforce policy where the Cassadine Trust was concerned, it was the young Assistant District Attorney who had been repeatedly burned by them. Dara Jensen was in every way but one an ideal selection. 

Under the previous judge assigned to the case, there existed a very real possibility that he would have ruled in favor of Stefan’s petition for Dara Jensen as candidate.  The judge’s views had become extremely liberal after many years on the bench.  His liberality was the precise reason Helena had arranged for his unexpected promotion to a minor position among the current President’s Cabinet.

Helena had been prepared to further orchestrate circumstances, but Judge Cho was announced as the replacement slated to handle the Cassadine family petition.  After a bit of research on the man, the Cassadine matriarch realized that fate itself had dealt all the cards in her favor. 

She was certain Stefan knew it as well.  Yet he’d nonetheless held fast to his choice of Dara Jensen for family trustee.  And that fact concerned Helena.  She did not believe for a single moment that Stefan was not aware of the wording of the original document requiring the candidate to be a part of the Cassadine family.  Her younger son was weak and sentimental, but he was not unintelligent.

Just what, Helena wondered, was Stefan up to?