Strange Bedfellows


After several moments of thought regarding Aristide’s response to his query, Judge Cho nodded and closed the overstuffed folder laying on the desk in front of him.  “I have heard enough,” he announced.  “This interview is concluded.”

Aristide glanced swiftly over at Helena.  Despite years of practice, the Cassadine cousin could not decipher the judge’s expression or demeanor.

Just because Stefan’s candidate was eliminated from the running did not mean clear sailing for Aristide and Helena.  Judge Cho could decide that Aristide was not suitable for the position.  He could – well within his powers – appoint a temporary trustee to manage the family funds until another candidate could be found among the Cassadine clan.

Such an action had been threatened before, but never actually taken.  Aristide could say with impunity that neither side of the Cassadine power struggle wanted such an eventuality to occur.

“If someone would summon the other parties,” the judge instructed, “I will announce my official decision.”

Aristide quickly volunteered for the task.  His absence would leave Helena alone with the judge.  Any actions or suggestions she might make would be enacted without the benefit of a witness.  Aristide had no inkling of the gist of any possible conversations between Helena and the Asian judge.  He had learned long ago not to try and think as Helena did.

He moved slowly, but purposefully, down the corridor.  Aristide glanced in each of the rooms along the way and found them empty.  After several minutes of unsuccessful searching, the old lawyer beckoned to one of the Cassadine servants.  “Where is Master Stefan?” Aristide asked impatiently.

“Master Stefan has gone to the launch,” the young woman replied.

“What of the young American woman?  The attorney?”

“She is in the Great Hall.  Should I go and get her for you?”

Aristide nodded.  “Have her come to the study.  And Stefan as well,” he added.  “The judge is waiting.”