Strange Bedfellows

Dara put down the glass of wine she had just poured. Despite how badly she wanted it, Dara realized that a clear head was required in order to evaluate Stefan Cassadine’s proposal.

Stefan Cassadine. He was gone, but the subtle aroma of his cologne lingered. It was an elusive, masculine scent that reminded Dara of the man himself.

Not that she knew him that well. She and Stefan Cassadine had run into each other at odd social functions such as the Nurses’ Ball. And they had been on opposite sides of the legal system on several occasions. But whether social or business, there had been no moments of private conversation between them.

It made Dara wonder just why Stefan had chosen her for such a monumental undertaking. She would not play coy and pretend that her talents were not up to the challenge. Dara believed her intellect and personality were more than equal to the task. The only question that remained was whether the task Stefan Cassadine proposed deserved her serious consideration.

Absently Dara wandered about the room and considered her options. From the corner of her eye she spied the plain white envelope. She picked it up from where it lay facedown on the table behind the sofa. Curious, the attorney turned it over in her hands.

Almost fearfully Dara slid her finger under the flap of the envelope. A single sheet of paper rested within. Its handwritten contents, penned by the same hand as the envelope’s front, made her eyes widen slightly. Could it be true? There was only one way to find out.

Dara set her shoulders, picked up the telephone and began dialing. “Gesture of good faith,” she quoted the envelope’s message. “We’ll see…”