Strange Bedfellows



Despite Dara’s determination not to cross the hall and knock upon Stefan Cassadine’s door, in the middle of the night she found herself doing just that.  The phone call between herself and Alejandro Garcia had left her disturbed and unable to sleep.

“Stefan?” she whispered after barely grazing her knuckles against the heavy wooden door.  A large part of Dara hoped that the enigmatic master of Wyndemere would not answer her knock.  The rush of air as the door swung inward quickly ended that hope.

“Miss Jensen?” Stefan stood in his bedroom doorway clad in silk emerald hued pajama bottoms and matching robe.  Automatically Dara’s gaze was drawn to his bare chest and the Cassadine medallion resting so comfortably there.

“I am sorry to disturb you,” she whispered.  “I just needed some directions to the kitchen.”

“If there is something you require you need only pick up the phone at your bedside and say so.  Mrs. Landsbury will be quite willing to prepare whatever you desire… and deliver it as well.”

“I am not going to wake up your housekeeper this time of night!”  The suddenly aghast expression on Dara’s face amused Stefan.  He was careful, though, not to allow his amusement to show.

“Just give me directions to the kitchen, please.”  Dara suspected that her discomfort with the Cassadines’ opulent lifestyle was humorous to the wealthy man standing opposite her.  “I will handle the rest.”

“Someone unfamiliar with the hallways of Wyndemere could quite easily become disoriented.”  Stefan pulled the bedroom door closed behind him and extended his hand.  “Come.  I will escort you to the kitchen.”

It was on the tip of Dara’s tongue to refuse Stefan’s offer.  But she really wasn’t in the mood to argue and once in the kitchen she’d be alone again soon enough.