“You’re the last person I expected to see here.”

“Well, considering that Edward never misses a chance to remind me of how much I belong here, I would say that your statement applies far more to you than it does me.”

Skye winced.  Time had not softened Justus’ stance where she was concerned.  “How have you been, Justus?  You look good.”

“Busy.  Thanks for asking.”  He turned back to his task in an obvious gesture of dismissal.

Justus, Skye

“So, are you here just for the wedding or are you back in Port Charles for a while?”  Skye leaned against the desk, effectively blocking Justus from his paperwork.  The handsome lawyer sighed and reached around her for a folder.  “I am here with J.R.  Adam couldn’t come,” Skye babbled on.  “He’s in the middle of a custody battle for Colby.”

Justus stood up abruptly.  He was careful not to touch Skye.  “Look, Skye,” Justus said, “you didn’t come to the mansion for small talk with me.  So please don’t let me keep you from whatever it is you are here for.”

Skye folded her arms and glared at Justus.  “I am not going anywhere until we talk.”

“Oh, great,” he replied sarcastically.  Now I can’t get you to leave.”

“I am sorry for just running like I did.  I am sorry for a lot of things.”

“Like what, Skye?  Like letting me feel like some kind of pervert for not being able to shake my attraction for my cousin?  Or maybe you’re sorry for letting me believe I was related to you even after you found out the truth?”  Justus snarled, “Did I get either of those right?”

Skye was thrown by the bitterness in his tone.  She had expected Justus to be hurt by her actions; the level of his anger and resentment took her a bit by surprise.  “Justus, you know my life history,” Skye struggled to explain.  “Every time I’ve let myself depend on someone’s love, they’ve always let me down in the end.  I’m sorry.  I just, I just panicked.”

“You know, Skye, I actually understood that part.  What I didn’t get back then was the other part.  The part where you ran straight to Luke Spencer.”  Justus smiled, but there was no humor in the expression.  “I get it now.  With Luke, there was no chance of getting hurt.  Luke will never love any other woman beside Laura.”

“I think maybe you are right about this conversation,” Skye said sadly.  “Maybe it’s too soon for us to be friends again.”

“We were never friends, Skye.  I was the guy who wanted to help you heal.  And you were the woman who’d rather stay broken.”

~ Sunday Afternoon ~