The Bed You Make
Chapter 34
~ Delusion, Denial, Regret ~

"You wanna tell me what happened?"


Marcus Taggert shrugged and turned back to his work. He had an idea what happened, but if Alex didn't want to discuss it then that was fine with him. Mac had already pulled him aside and mentioned that Alex had made a trip to Wyndemere the previous night. Marcus guessed that Dara finally managed to get through to Alex that whatever they'd shared was a thing of the past. Marcus knew that whatever Dara's reasons for marrying Stefan Cassadine, they had effectively ended her relationship with his partner.

"She was asleep in the bed next to him," Alex said after a while.

"You managed to make it all the way into Cassadine's bedroom?

Alex answered the question through clenched teeth. "They weren't at Wyndemere. Mr. and Mrs. Cassadine are in Greece on their honeymoon." The handsome detective stood up so abruptly that his chair flipped over and slid across the aisle. "She was asleep in the bed beside him."

Marcus snorted. "Or else that was what Stefan Cassadine wanted you to believe."

"There wasn't any break in the conversation," Alex shot back. "I told him if I didn't speak with Dara, I would wake up the Embassy. And so he put her on the phone. Right then." Alex paused. "Marc, I know what Dara sounds like when you wake her up." The detective didn't bother to disguise his pain. Marcus Taggert was not only his partner, but his friend. "She was lying there beside him."

"I'm sorry."

"Yeah, me too." Alex picked up his chair and put it back into place. "I'm gonna go get some air," he said. "I'll be back in a bit."

Soon, when the subject wasn't so fresh, Marcus knew he would have a discussion with Garcia about it all. He'd seen his partner with Dara. Hell, he was the one who'd helped get them together. They were never going to end up at the altar. And deep inside Alex knew it. Right now, he was being driven by anger and wounded male pride.

"Your partner is as sore as a bear. I just passed him in the hallway and he growled at me. Really."

Marcus shrugged. "He's had a rough night."

"Is it something I can help with?" Alexis offered hesitantly.

"Not unless you have spies in Greece."

"Greece?" Alexis was puzzled by the response. "What's in Greece?"

Marcus looked up from his paperwork. "Your brother and his new wife."