Anthony Sorrell's personal guard watched him with fascination. The mob chief strolled across the lavishly appointed room to a bar so elegant that it had been featured in an issue of Architectural Digest. Halfway there he did a graceful two-step to some song that only he could hear. It was not an uncommon occurrence, but the guard never ceased to be amazed at his employer's ease at revealing the more cultural aspect of his personality.

He poured three fingers of Scotch into a glass and added one half teaspoon of water that he swirled gently around before drinking. "Salud."

The mobster swallowed the aged liquor in a single gulp that left him clearing his throat frantically. "Ohhh…that's good stuff," he croaked.

A stranger, upon seeing the eccentric behavior, would make the mistake of discounting the danger that Anthony Sorrell posed. Foolish men had done so before and quickly found themselves dying at the mob boss' hand.

"Paulie?" Anthony Sorrell refilled his glass and tipped the bottle in a polite offer to prepare his young guard similar refreshment.

"No, thanks, Boss." It was the burly young man's routine reply to his employer's offer. Paulie had a great admiration for Mr. Sorrell and took his responsibility as the man's bodyguard seriously. Even now, when they were ensconced in a virtually impenetrable fortress he would not lower his guard.

"Paulie, Paulie," Anthony Sorrell chided his young bodyguard. "Learn to relax during those times when you can." He patted the young man fondly on the cheek. "The time will soon come when you cannot." He directed the young man's attention to their surroundings. "There are over nine levels of security that must be breached to reach this place. I think that we are safe here for the time being."

Paulie frowned. There was so much to learn about this life that he had only been a part of for the last five years. Thankfully his boss was never too busy to share the lessons a lifetime had taught him. "You aren't worried that Corinthos might be moving against us at this moment?"

Anthony Sorrell smiled mysteriously. "Michael Corinthos is quite predictable in his responses," he replied cryptically. "He has to examine all angles before taking action. His caution will be his downfall. And our victory."