From the moment news of the explosion involving Sonny Corinthos' father came across the radio from dispatch, Commissioner Mac Scorpio had existed in a whirlpool of action, discussion and paperwork. He not only had his own men to coordinate and worry about, but the ever-present FBI agents as well.

Most of the hours that passed since the bombing had been spent in organizing the two groups of men. It may have appeared that the Commissioner was caught up in the spirit of interdepartmental cooperation. But the simple truth was that Mac did not trust the FBI agents not to ease his officers out of the loop of knowledge.

Leads had been checked and tip-offs investigated. The current lull in activity was temporary and due to Mac's determination that he would not send his men blindly into the city on wild goose chases. As the officers on duty took the opportunity to regroup, Mac took the present time to tackle the mountain of paperwork on his desk.

Mac heard a discreet cough from the doorway. He looked up and followed the direction his officer nodded. There standing impassively in the middle of the squad room was Jason Morgan, Sonny's second in command. Absolute silence reigned and every officer present, both uniformed and plainclothes ceased his activities to glare at the unconcerned man.

As always, whenever he ran across Jason Morgan, Mac said a quick prayer of grateful thanks that the damaged mob hit man and his niece Robin Scorpio were not still together.

"What can I do for you, Morgan?" Mac made no attempt to distract his officers' attention from the conversation at hand.

Jason stared at the police commissioner. "I'm here on Sonny's behalf. When will Mike's body be released?" he asked.

Mac shrugged. "We've done what we could do. Get a form from the front desk and fill it out. I'll release the body then."

"To which undertaker?"

Commissioner Scorpio named Port Charles' largest mortuary, an establishment that had maintained years of affiliation with the police department.

"No," Jason informed him. "Sonny has made other arrangements to have Mike's body taken to a place he prefers."

"Tell Corinthos to save his money," Detective Marcus Taggert's voice boomed from the doorway. He looked over at his fellow officers. "Somebody give Morgan a paper bag and lead him down to the morgue." Marcus gave a humorless laugh. "I guarantee what's left of Mike Corbin will definitely fit in it."

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