Jason Morgan waited to relax his guard a bit until Sonny was safely settled in the back seat of the recently beefed-up limousine. He sat opposite his friend and employer and allowed the confrontation between Sonny and Marcus Taggert to replay in his mind; in particular, the moment when Detective Taggert's mother had entreated the irate officer not to harm his ‘brother'.       

"How did you know where I was?" Sonny's soft query interrupted Jason's thoughts.       

Jason reached over and pushed the button to raise the partition between them and Johnny, their driver. The man was handpicked for his loyalty and ability, but still Jason thought that the subject of his conversation with Sonny was one that should be shared with as few people as possible.       

"I told Johnny to report to me whenever you left the penthouse," Jason replied calmly.       

Despite his close friendship with Jason, Sonny felt his anger spike. "You have somebody in my own organization spying on me?" His voice rose dangerously.       

"Sonny, you know that it is more dangerous for you now than it's ever been. And you haven't been thinking straight on a lot of things." Jason shrugged, "I'm trying to keep you safe."       

Jason's calm delivery gave Sonny a moment's shame. He knew that the source of his agitation had nothing to do with the safety measures that Jason had put into place. "I'm sorry." Sonny turned and for several minutes watched the scenery rush past his window.       

"You heard." It was not really a question.       

"Yeah," Jason replied. "Taggert's your brother."       

Sonny gave a sharp bark of laughter. Only Jason could utter a statement of such monumental proportions without an ounce of emotion or curiosity.       

"Does it change anything between you?"       

"You were there." Sonny gingerly fingered the tender flesh of his neck where Taggert's hands had tried to squeeze his very life away. "You saw."       

Jason shrugged. "Then it's business as usual."       

Not for the first time, Sonny marveled at the other man's ability to simply put emotional turmoil aside and go about his everyday life. He marveled at it - and he envied it.       

"Yeah, business..." Sonny shook off his conflicted thoughts and turned his attention to the problem of Anthony Sorrell. "I want to hear how things went," he said, referring to their first strike against Sorrell's organization. "But first, call and have a couple of men put on guard of Florence Taggert and her house." Taggert's furious accusations had made Sonny realize how he had endangered the older woman's life by showing up there.       

Jason obediently dug out his cellular phone from his pocket and began to dial. "What about Taggert?"       

"He can take care of himself."

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