“Go pack a bag.” Sonny barked out the order almost before he'd even gotten fully into the penthouse. “And pack one for Michael. I am sending you to one of the safe houses,” he informed Carly.

“A safe house? Why?”

Sonny Corinthos eyed his wife in disbelief. In light of what had happened to Mike, he found it incredible that Carly would even ask such a question. “Because it is too dangerous for you to stay here.”

Carly took a seat on the leather sofa. It was her unspoken indicator that she had no intention of complying with her husband's wishes. “I will have Leticia pack Michael's things. She can go with him to the safe house. But I have no intention of leaving you here alone, Sonny.”

“Not now, Carly!” Sonny's fists clenched and unclenched. “Just once in your life can you do what I say?”

Jason quietly made his presence known. He left his place just beside the penthouse door and crossed to where Carly sat. “Go do as Sonny asked,” he ordered. Jason pulled an uncooperative Carly to her feet. “Do it now.”

Sonny didn't miss Carly's instant compliance to Jason's wishes. Nor did he miss the unconscious way his wife's body leaned in toward his second in command. But the spark of anger the mob boss felt was quickly doused by the guilty memory of just how he and Carly had come to be a couple at Jason's expense.

The two men watched Carly reluctantly climb the stairs to the bedroom. “Take them to one of the safe houses,” Sonny instructed Jason. “I don't need any of the details.” The mobster poured himself a steadying drink. “Don't contact me unless there's trouble.”

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