With every step she took, Dara Jensen felt an invisible bull's-eye grow wider across her back.  Her discomfort would have come as a surprise to anyone observing the young A.D.A's progress.  She strode confidently toward Florence Taggert's front door without a hint of hesitation.

Dara pushed open the front door.  She was not surprised to find Marcus Taggert standing behind the door, non-regulation firearm in hand.  Only moments earlier, Florence, Marcus' mother, had made a disjointed call to Dara begging her to come over.

Marcus' hand shot out and grabbed Dara's upper arm.  His fingers were like bands of steel curled around her flesh, and Dara found herself being yanked unceremoniously into Florence Taggert's home.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Marcus hissed. Dara instinctively recoiled.  Marcus' face, contorted with anger, was mere inches from her own. 

“Your mother called me,” she replied quickly. Dara tried carefully to disengage her arm from Taggert's unyielding grip.  His strong fingers dug painfully into her arm.

“What was she thinking?!”  Marcus abruptly released Dara.  He shut his eyes and rested his forehead against the barrel of the machine gun he held. “You shouldn't have come here, Dara.”  Taggert turned away from the lawyer to peer out of the front window.

“Your mother called me.”

“I am worried about you, Marcus,” Florence Taggert interrupted from the doorway.  Her gaze flew back and forth between her son and Dara.  “You need help dealing with this.”

Dara wondered exactly what she had ventured into.  Marcus was angrier than she had ever seen him, and Dara hadn't thought that possible.  Marcus stood, rigid and irate, near the front window.  He had shed the customary silk shirt and trousers he wore as a detective in the Port Charles Police Department.  In their place, he was clad in form-hugging black jeans and equally tight black t-shirt.  A magazine of shiny bullets looped lazily from one shoulder.

“Do you know what you've done, Mom?”  Marcus' voice was incredibly weary.  “Do you know what you've done by bringing Dara here?”  He turned from his observation of the front lawn and gazed at the two women.  “You've just given Sonny Corinthos' enemies another target for their war.”

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