Jason stood by the stairs and waited for Carly and Michael to come down from the bedroom. As he waited, Jason thought about his friend and mentor, Sonny Corinthos.

Over time, he had come to understand Sonny's thinking as clearly as he knew his own. The mob boss was far more shaken by Mike Corbin's death than he let on. And when Sonny was afraid, he became reckless. Not reckless in the normal sense of the word, but something far more dangerous for someone in ‘the life'. Sonny became careless of death.

Those few men who reached the level of leadership that Sonny possessed did so because they had learned not to fear death – for themselves or their loved ones. They had no fear of death because such men always ensured that any threat to their lifestyles met with death first. The goal was always to eliminate the enemy and remain standing to fight another day.

Jason did not see that determination when he looked at Sonny. What he saw was a man driven for revenge and uncaring of whether he remained standing when it was all over.

“We're ready.”

Carly's subdued voice pulled Jason back to the present. Without comment, he took Leticia's heavy bag from her shoulder and led the trio out of the penthouse. Carly and Michael hesitated near the door, but at Jason's steely glare, they continued moving.

Sonny had chosen not to see the group off. Although he believed in his heart that his actions were correct, the mob boss could not bid goodbye to his family. Jason knew that Sonny did not expect to see them again. It had been clear from the moment Sonny ordered Jason to remain with his little family at the safe house.

Jason had no intention of allowing Sonny to be killed in the upcoming battle against Anthony Sorrell. He would help get Carly, Michael and Leticia settled and then he'd return to Port Charles. Together, he and Sonny would put a quick end to the greatest threat they had ever faced.

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