“We need to talk.”

Anthony Sorrell did not question just how Sonny Corinthos had gotten his phone number at the compound. He had purposely made it easy for the Port Charles mobster to obtain. Still, the line was secure and the connection untraceable. “Mr. Corinthos. To what do I owe the honor of this call?”

“I want a meeting. Just you and me.”

“I will decline, thank you.” Sorrell was polite but disinterested.

Sonny was determined to keep his conversation with Anthony Sorrell as unemotional as possible. The other man had a reputation for being a businessman above all. Sorrell would do what was best for himself and his family. And that was not to start a war that would draw all kinds of federal attention. “If you are concerned about the security of meeting me alone,” Sonny said, “you can set the terms of the meet. That way you can be sure of things.”

“At the moment, I find myself understandably disinclined to negotiate with you.” It was Sorrell's coded way of confirming for Sonny that he held the upper hand in their current struggle.

Sonny decided to humor his rival in a stall for time. If he had to, he would lie, steal or humble himself before Anthony Sorrell in order for an opportunity to get Carly and Michael back. Whatever promises he made to the other man, Sonny knew that he and Jason could handle the fallout from breaking them. He just had to get his family safely back first.

“I can understand your position,” Sonny lied through gritted teeth. “But there are one or two things we need to make arrangements for.”

There was silence on Sorrell's end of the line as he considered Sonny's offer. “No, Mr. Corinthos,” Sorrell answered slowly. “I don't believe that there is anything we need to discuss.” His cultured voice was without inflection. “You set the terms for our negotiation when you made things personal.”

“And those one or two things you mentioned, Mr. Corinthos? They are being taken care of as we speak.”


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