Carly's head lolled disjointedly from one side to the other. Her movements came in spurts like an old car just on the brink of running out of gas.

Something was wrong. Even in sleep Carly sensed that things were not as they should be. She struggled to awaken but felt as though a great weight kept her bogged down in some kind of suffocating quicksand.

Awareness came crashing down on the young woman when she tried to roll over onto her side but could not. Carly was effectively held in place by a series of leather straps that bound her to her bed.

She moaned and tried to clear her thoughts. Through bleary eyes Carly took in the details of her surroundings. She was in a small, featureless room with depressing gray walls. There was no other furniture in the room that she could see.

Carly raised her head as high as she could. Just as she feared, her captors had bound her – spread-eagle – to the four posts of the narrow cot. What was even more troubling was that the men had removed all her clothing before doing so.

With that realization, all the bravado she had shown her captors suddenly deserted Carly. She opened her mouth to scream desperately for help, but just as quickly snapped it shut. As far as she could judge, the men had not harmed her. Perhaps the wisest thing she could do for herself was not draw the strangers' attention.

The door swung inward without a sound. Carly's gaze followed the path of the man who entered the room. It was the stranger whose mask Carly had ripped off during her initial capture. “What is going to happen to me?” she asked in a hoarse whisper. The young woman knew somewhere in the back of her mind that she should just remain silent. But her fear would not allow it.

Carly's fearful question was ignored. Her captor stood at the foot of the uncomfortable metal cot and stared. But not at Carly. The man stood staring at something off behind her. Carly vainly twisted about, but could not see just what held the man's attention.

A familiar rustle hastily drew Carly's attention back to her masked captor. His attention was no longer on the mysterious object behind her. With a minimum of effort, the man began to remove his clothing until he finally stood naked before Carly.

Carly gaped at him with a dawning sense of horror. The man, well endowed and aroused, began to climb atop the narrow cot.

His intent was unmistakable.


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