Agent Larkin took another impatient glance at the cheap drugstore watch on his wrist. The watch cost him twenty bucks and it kept relatively good time. But it could in no way compare to the elegant Audemars Piguet watch he wore when away from the job.

The Piguet had been a gift from a well-known young hardcore rap artist. He was seventeen years old and a victim of his questionable past. Larkin had taken care of the greedy blackmailer in a manner that the young rapper understood and admired. In return, Larkin's suggestions about a suitable reward were quickly heeded.

Through the tinted glass partition of the squad room, Agent Larkin spotted the objects of his irritation. He slapped the case folder shut and jammed it into his leather briefcase. “Detective Taggert!” He motioned for Marcus to come over. “I have been waiting quite a while to talk to you about the Corbin case.”

Larkin frowned when Commissioner Mac Scorpio followed Marcus across the room. “I just need to speak with the detective,” Larkin said. “I won't keep him very long.”

Mac took a seat beside the temporary desk Agent Larkin had been assigned. “Detective Taggert doesn't discuss the Corbin case unless I am present,” Mac insisted. “None of my people do.”

Marcus watched the familiar exchange between his employer and the federal agent. On the surface, their words were polite and deferential to one another. But subtext and subtle animosity oozed from each word.

As long as he had been a part of the Port Charles police force there had been friction between the two agencies. Too often the FBI bypassed departmental courtesy and just dispatched their agents throughout the city of Port Charles. The Hannah Scott incident was a prime example.

“I don't have time for this,” Larkin complained.

Mac watched him leave. “He is dirty. It hasn't been proven yet, but Larkin is a dirty cop.” The Commissioner stood up and jammed his hands into his pants pockets. “You be careful of Larkin. I don't know what his angle is, but I know that he is up to no good.”

“It doesn't matter what Larkin is after,” Marcus shrugged. “I have got nothing to hide.”

“Maybe not. But it can't be a coincidence that Larkin is so interested in you right after you find out that Sonny Corinthos is your brother. Larkin has been after Sonny for years.”

Marcus' expression was hard. “And I hope that he brings Sonny down.”

“Legitimately, of course,” Mac corrected him.

“How he does it really won't be my concern. Now, will it?”


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