The Port Charles Herald lay spread out across the table. On the cover page large, color photographs crowded out the black text. Mike Corbin's violent death was big news, if only because of his familial ties. The public had never grown tired of reading about the twisted behavior of underworld figures, and Michael 'Sonny' Corinthos was Port Charles very own member.

Like most of the other residents of Port Charles that morning, Florence Campbell read the grisly account once again. But unlike those others, each time she read the reporter's cold, clinical description of Mike Corbin's death, Florence grieved anew.

The truth was that Mike had not had a part in her life since their tryst all those many years before. Nonetheless, he was the father of her son Marcus.

She dabbed at her eyes as the tears began to fall once again. Mike wasn't a perfect person, but then again neither was she. Florence had kept the secret of their relationship from Marcus, with every intention of carrying the truth to her grave. The shock of Mike's tragic death changed her mind.


Marcus rushed into his darkened apartment intent upon accomplishing his task as quickly as possible. At almost the last second he realized he was not alone and spotted his mother seated on the couch.

"Mom?" Marcus' steps faltered. His senses were suddenly on alert. The scenario before him felt wrong. Although he had given his mother a key to his apartment for emergency purposes, Florence had only used it upon occasions of his insistence. Now she sat in his apartment, in the dark. "Mom, what's wrong?"

"Is it true that Mike Corbin was killed by an exploding bomb?"

Taggert was perplexed by the question. "Yeah, a little while ago. But what-?"

"He was your father."

The softly uttered words shattered the silence with concussive force. Marcus stared stupidly at his mother, totally overwhelmed by her declaration.


~~end flashback~~

Florence had not intended to inform Marcus so bluntly. She had fully intended to break the news gently. Not only would he be learning of his connection to Mike Corbin, but in the same breath he would be faced with the loss of that same connection.

She reasoned that the shock of Mike's violent death short-circuited all her good intentions and caused her to blurt out what should have been handled gently. But the more Florence reflected, the more she realized that no matter how it was done, the truth was now out.

She was glad. She had grown tired of carrying the secret.