Restlessly, Carly rolled over, reached for her husband and came up with an armful of pillow. She pried her eyes open to peer at the clock. It was nearly eight in the morning and she had only gotten about three hours rest.

All night she'd sat in the middle of the king-sized bed she shared with Sonny and waited for him to either come to bed or inform her that his business with Jason was completed and she could return downstairs once more.

Neither happened.

Carly hoped that Sonny had somehow fallen asleep downstairs on the couch. Despite her desire to comfort him during this trying time, the mobster's wife knew that an emotionally charged Sonny would be a thousand times more difficult to deal with due to lack of sleep.

She rose and shrugged on a thin robe over her negligee. Her feet padded silently across the carpet as she made her way to the stairs that would take her down to where she had left Sonny and their best friend Jason last night.

The murmur of their voices met her as she stepped onto the first stair. Carly stood still and strained to hear their conversation. Occasionally she could make out the names 'Sorrell' and several others she had heard casually mentioned in the past.

"Come on down, Carly," Jason said wryly into the sudden silence.

She shot a glare at her best friend for exposing her so. Sometimes Jason could be absolutely infuriating, Carly thought, as she carefully made her way down the remaining steps.

"I didn't want to interrupt you," she maintained. "Are you still talking business?" Guilty at being caught, Carly carefully avoided her husband's gaze and chose instead to address her query to Jason, his right hand man.

"Yes," Michael 'Sonny' Corinthos replied on Jason's behalf. "So go upstairs and wait. Away from the stairs ," he emphasized.

"Alright, Sonny. I'll just go in the kitchen and fix me and Michael some breakfast." Carly knew that just the thought of her unsupervised in his kitchen was enough to stir her husband to action.

"No," he stopped his wife with a gesture. "I will have Graciela cook something and bring it upstairs."

Carly watched Sonny go into the kitchen. When he had moved out of hearing distance, she swiftly turned to Jason. "What are you planning? Will you take care of Sorrell today?"

"That's none of your business." Jason's blue eyes glanced Carly's way for a second before turning back to the kitchen where Sonny was. "Do me a favorů Close your robe."