Detective Marcus Taggert resolutely continued with his interrogation of mob boss Sonny Corinthos. He had no difficulty reading Sonny's growing impatience and desperation. By deliberately stalling him, Marcus hoped to maneuver Sonny into a corner whereby he would be forced to reveal his plans. 

“I am not through with you yet.” Marcus quickly erased the hopeful expression that danced across Sonny's face when the detective's phone rang. “You stay where you are,” he ordered Sonny. 

Sonny decided to take his chances and make a move for the front door of the penthouse. With each step he took, Sonny fully expected to hear Taggert's infuriated roar commanding him to stop. When he reached the exit with no interference from Taggert, Sonny threw a quick curious glance back over his shoulder. “What?” the mobster asked reluctantly. 

Taggert stared at Sonny. His normally unreadable expression was shaded with a somber emotion that Sonny did not quite recognize. “That was Commissioner Scorpio,” Marcus said. “They just found Morgan's body.” 

Sonny slumped against the door. His knees were weak and he genuinely feared that they would not support him. “Where?” 

Marcus ignored the question. “I have got to go.” 

Sonny was right on Taggert's heels as he made his way downstairs. The detective quickly put an end to whatever plans the mob boss held. “I am on my way to a crime scene,” Marcus growled. “Neither you nor your people will be allowed within five hundred yards of Morgan's body.” 

Max, Sonny's guard, stepped out of the shadows and headed for one of the fleet of limousines Sonny owned. Marcus glared at him before turning back to his half-brother. “If I think I even smell one of your people lurking around, I am going to throw the whole lot of you in jail.” 

Taggert's threats went unheeded by Sonny. “You can't stop me,” Sonny replied. He shocked everyone watching by sliding into the passenger side of Taggert's unmarked police sedan. 

More shocks were to follow for Sonny's men as they tensely watched for Detective Taggert's reaction. But Marcus did not bother to challenge Sonny's declaration. He simply tucked himself behind the wheel of the police car, started up the engine and pulled out of the garage.

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