Luke Spencer had no idea that someone had entered his private office until the moment his visitor took a seat opposite him. Luke easily disguised his alarm but still took a moment to reach for a cigar and allow his adrenaline to subside. “We're closed,” he drawled.

His well-dressed guest merely made himself more comfortable. He settled into the plush chair and crossed his legs.

“Well,” Luke quipped, “if you and I are gonna be here awhile, I might as well pour us a couple of drinks.”

No matter what the situation, Luke could not contain his irreverent sense of humor. He pulled two glasses from the desk drawer and filled them both with twenty-year old Kentucky whiskey. “Here is pasta in your eye.”

Anthony Sorrell solemnly raised his glass. “My condolences to your sister on the death of her daughter Caroline.”

The words, so calmly uttered, wiped away all traces of amusement Luke felt regarding his visitor. He placed his glass down on the desk with a dull thud. “Caroline is dead?” It wasn't really a question. Luke didn't think his visitor was the kind of man to make idle insinuations. “What happened to you people's code about not involving women and children in your wars?”

“Your niece's impulsive actions made our intentions impossible.”

Something in the stranger's tone made Luke pause. “You know, I didn't get your name.”

“Anthony Sorrell.”

From the moment he laid eyes on his guest, Luke suspected that he was dealing with someone of power. He was a bit surprised, though, to discover Anthony Sorrell's actual identity. According to all of Luke's sources, the man opposite him was a very real threat to break the hold Sonny Corinthos maintained over his Port Charles territory.

“Ah….” Luke took a steadying puff of his cigar. “You're a little high up on the food chain to be concerned with me, aren't you?”

“I am concerned with all of Mr. Corinthos' former associates,” Sorrell explained. “Up until the point at which I need not concern myself anymore.”

The powerful mobster's message was loud and clear. Sorrell was confident in his victory over Sonny in the battle for Port Charles. His visit was a warning to Luke that he would either accept the change in leadership or be quickly eliminated as a future problem.

“Good day, Mr. Spencer.” Anthony Sorrell rose and brushed a speck of lint from his jacket. “And once again… my condolences.”

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