Marcus made a single attempt to get Sonny to share the details of his phone conversation. The other man chose to remain silent, so Marcus allowed the matter to drop. Based on the dialogue he'd heard on Sonny's part, the grim detective feared that he already had the unfortunate gist of the matter. 

Smoothly the unmarked car pulled to a stop just beyond the crime scene. Marcus paid no mind to the almost comically raised eyebrows that ensued when crime boss Sonny Corinthos exited the passenger side. 

“He climbed into my car.” 

Commissioner Mac Scorpio just nodded. He decided to trust that his detective had a sound reason for his actions. “C.S.U. is done,” Mac informed Taggert. “They will take Morgan as soon as you have had a look.” 

Sonny Corinthos was forgotten as the two law enforcement officers went to work. Side-by-side they traveled about the crime scene with the Commissioner making periodic observations about the discovery. 

“What do you think you're doing?” The hard voice of a promising second year beat officer drew Mac and Taggert's attention. He stood virtually toe-to-toe with Sonny Corinthos in an effort to block the mobster from contact with the black body bag lying on the ground behind him. 

Mac gestured the young man away. If Corinthos wanted to take a look at Jason Morgan's corpse, then he was welcome to do so. Forensics had already collected their evidence. There was nothing Sonny could do to corrupt the chain of evidence there. 

Watching the mob boss unzip the bag and then gently cup the still face of his dead friend and employee, Mac felt a twinge of sympathy. It quickly disappeared when the Police Commissioner reminded himself that it was Corinthos who introduced an injured and mentally confused Jason Quartermaine into the criminal world. 

“Are you finally ready to let us get involved, Sonny?” Marcus put an end to his half brother's moment of grieving. “You haven't done too well with this on your own. I mean, somebody took Carly's kid from right under your nose and then returned him.” Marcus ignored Mac's shocked expression. There would be time to fill him in on everything later. “And now Morgan is dead and we are your wife's last hope.” 

Sonny turned dull, wooden eyes their way. “Sorrell,” he said after a long pause, “is after my territory…”

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