“Mac Scorpio here.”

“Scorpio, we need to talk.”

The urgent tone of Luke's Spencer wasn't lost on the Police Commissioner. It probably meant that the one thing Mac had not wanted to happen had already taken place. Luke had somehow discovered that his niece was missing and in danger. The last thing the department needed was a loose cannon like Luke Spencer dropping right into the middle of a delicate and dangerous situation.

“We already knew about Carly, Luke.”

Mac guessed that he had obviously caught the other man by surprise. There was only silence on the line for a few seconds. “Just let the police handle things,” the police commissioner continued. “Don't make it worse.”

Worse?? What the hell could be worse?”

“You doing something stupid and making them angry. Or desperate.” Mac tried to reason with Luke. “Look, they took Michael and then returned him unharmed. That means that they aren't looking to turn this thing into a bloodbath. Let the authorities handle this. We are your niece's best chance to come home safely.”

“She's already dead.” Luke made a sound of disgust. “You cops are so out of the loop… You had better get ready for Port Charles to bleed,” Luke warned the Commissioner.

“Mac?” Marcus waved his hand in front of his employer's face. The commissioner had been staring into space for several seconds.

“…Yeah. That was Luke Spencer.” Mac glanced at Marcus' unmarked police sedan. Sonny Corinthos sat inside, silent and in shock. Sonny had not spoken a word since viewing Jason Morgan's battered and broken body.

“What did he want?”

“Carly's dead.”

Marcus stiffened. “The body count for women who have been stupid enough to love Sonny Corinthos grows again,” he observed caustically.

“You know, like it or not, Corinthos is still a human being,” Mac said. He had no love for the mobster. But no one deserved the kind of tragedy Sonny was currently suffering. “He's a human being I have to go and tell that his wife is dead.”

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