Commissioner Mac Scorpio wanted nothing more than to go home and find comfort from the day's events with his wife and daughters. Unfortunately, several unpleasant tasks still lay before him. Though he was certain that Luke had already broached the subject, Mac had to officially inform Bobbie Spencer that her daughter Caroline was missing and authorities presumed the worst. Then he had to turn right around and travel to the Quartermaines and break the news about Jason Morgan.

Mac rubbed a weary hand across his brow. When had his little town become such a magnet for syndicated crime? Had it begun with Duke Lavery? Or Frank Smith? Mac never thought he'd see the day when he would gladly welcome a thousand eccentrics like the Cassadines instead of mobsters like Sonny Corinthos and his people.

“Mind if I ask what you're thinking?” Bureau agent Larkin slouched against the Commissioner's open door. He held a burning cigarette between his fingers and every so often raised it to his lips for a puff.

“What do you need, Larkin?” Mac didn't try to hide his wariness of the man. Something about Agent Larkin did not smell right to Mac. He would not let down his guard until he discovered just what it was. “And put that thing out!”

Larkin shrugged and dropped the burning cigarette to the freshly swept floor. “We would like to know,” he paused to grind the butt out with the tip of his shoe, “just what Corinthos told you out there at the crime scene.”

“Nothing that the Bureau doesn't already know. Just that he is in a battle for territory with Anthony Sorrell.”

“Is that it?”

Mac bristled. “That's it. Unless of course you're implying that I am failing to cooperate with another law enforcement agency's request for information?”

“Of course not!” Larkin was patently insincere. “The Port Charles Police Department has been nothing but cooperative. “So in that same spirit of cooperation, I am here to let you know that we intend to pick up Mr. Corinthos and take him in for a bit of conversation.” Larkin headed for the exit. “Oh, yeah,” he threw back over his shoulder, “we will be taking Jason Morgan's body back to our lab.”

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