Doctors Alan and Monica Quartermaine sat side by side on the sofa. Their close proximity should have indicated intimacy and togetherness, but just the opposite was true. Monica still seethed from the family's earlier encounter with Faith Ward. The skilled surgeon was furious that Alan had not found some way to prevent Faith from leaving the Quartermaine premises with Jason's motorcycle. Watching the arrogant young woman ride off on Jason's bike was like having salt poured into the wounds left by Jason's death.

Ned Ashton sat on the other end of the sofa. He stared straight ahead and thought about the part he had played in Jason's life. Ned knew that he was guilty of believing that Jason was somehow invincible. It made defending his young cousin's choice of lifestyle an easier task.

Edward Quartermaine paced restlessly in front of the fireplace. He wanted this part of the day to be completed. Lila had retired to their bedroom to grieve in private. Despite her apparent strength, Edward knew that his wife was even more delicate than she appeared.

“Is everyone here?”

“A.J. and Emily took Michael down to the duck pond,” Alan Quartermaine offered. “And Mother asked me to relay her decision not to attend.”

“That's perfectly fine. They really aren't needed for this,” Lee Baldwin explained. “Jason's will was pretty straightforward. His main concern was for young Michael.” Lee pulled a blue folder from the briefcase on his lap. “Jason was adamant that the entire contents of his substantial personal bank accounts be set into a trust in Michael's name. The money will remain untouched in trust until his twenty-first birthday, at which time Michael will receive the entire sum to do with as he pleases.”

“The dispensation of Jason's motorcycle has been taken care of earlier, leaving only one other matter.” Lee glanced at the folder briefly before placing it back into his briefcase. “Despite his estrangement from you all, Jason recognized and acknowledged the importance of his ELQ stock to Lila and the family. He was concerned that his shares return to the family, so he made provisions to do just that.”

Lee Baldwin looked over at his lifelong friend Edward. “Effective of this moment, the ELQ shares formerly possessed by Jason Morgan are now the rightful and legal property of Justus Ward.” Lee interrupted Ned's outcry. “According to the terms of Jason's will, any attempt to circumvent his decision to give his ELQ shares to Justus will result in the stock being equally divided and given as gifts to members of the Quartermaine household staff.”

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