“I don't suppose you have any pictures of Kristina with you?”

Alexis looked up in surprise. A pleased smile spread across her face and she began to dig around in her oversized purse. “Do I have any pictures?” she teased. Triumphantly she emerged from the depths of her purse with a sheaf of photographs in her hand. “I happen to think that my little girl is amazingly photogenic.”

Marcus reached for the photos, but Alexis shook her head and moved to sit beside him at the table. “You're a pretty good photographer,” Marcus complimented her. “These pictures are great.”

“I didn't take these,” she explained, in between arranging the photos about the table. “Stefan hired a professional photographer to catalogue Kristina's life.”

“There's some guy following you around whose only job is to take baby pictures of your little girl?” Marcus shook his head. “Okay.”

Alexis waved off his comment. “It's a Cassadine thing.” The lawyer carefully studied all the photographs on the table. She selected one and handed it to Taggert. “Here you are, Uncle Marcus.”

The photograph Alexis selected was of a grinning Kristina showing off her newly emerged front teeth. Marcus couldn't help but grin at the toddler's obvious joy. “Thank you.” He folded the photo and slid it into place in his wallet. “But maybe you should hold off on the ‘Uncle Marcus' thing.”

“You're right, of course. But I hope that one day you'll want to be a part of Kristina's life. A little girl can never have too many wonderful uncles.”

“How does Kristina's other uncle feel about you making me a part of her life?” Marcus suspected that Stefan Cassadine found him far too inferior to be a part of either Kristina or Alexis' life.

“Frankly,” Alexis replied, “given a choice between you and Kristina's father, Stefan would accept you anytime.”

“They're moving him in two days.”

Marcus' abrupt change of subject threw Alexis for a moment. She struggled to make sense of his comment. “What?”

“Sonny is being moved to Pentonville in two days. Mac gave me the news about three hours ago.” Marcus rose and moved away from Alexis. “That's all I can tell you. The rest is classified.”

“Marcus, I don't want you to compromise your principles. I'm grateful for what you've done.” Alexis' voice softened. “I know you only did it for me. And Kristina.” She visibly switched into lawyer mode and began gathering up her things. “I thought I'd at least have until they found Carly to appeal Sonny's transfer.”

“You would only be postponing the inevitable,” Marcus argued.

Alexis agreed. “I know. But I promised myself I'd fight for every minute I could.”

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