With every passing day, the pitying looks grew more frequent. More and more of her colleagues and friends were hearing the rumors of Carly's disappearance and supposed death. Bobbie Spencer straightened her shoulders and selected another chart from those on the cart. She allowed her mind to tune out the presence of the two young nurses working alongside her at the desk. Training took over and she logged the details of the case automatically.

“Barbara Jean?” A pair of lean, tobacco-stained fingers snapped just inches from her face. “I have been calling your name for a few minutes now.” Luke Spencer frowned. “Didn't you hear me?”

Nurse Bobbie Spencer shook off her inattention. She looked into the concerned eyes of her older brother. “I was thinking about Carly.”

Luke's concern quickly turned into irritation. “Barbara Jean, let it go!”

“I can't,” she hissed, drawing the attention of the other nurses at the desk. Bobbie jerked her arm out of Luke's sudden grasp. “She is my child !”

“Can we take this someplace private?” Luke stalked over to a quiet corner. “Bobbie, you know that Carly is dead. I got it from the horse's mouth. Now if you don't let go of that fantasy you're holding on to, you'll just make these people mad! Stop poking your nose into places where it shouldn't be.”

An indecipherable emotion flitted across Bobbie's face, making Luke uneasy. “Barbara Jean, what have you done?” He grabbed his sister painfully about the upper arms. “What the hell stupid thing did you go and do?”

“I asked Stefan to find Carly's body.” Bobbie's tone and her stance were defiant.

Luke surprised his younger sister. He let loose a loud bark of laughter. “Good job, baby sister!” Luke nodded. “If we're lucky, Stefan will piss the wrong people off and then Sorrell and his men will wipe everything named Cassadine off the face of the earth.”

“Don't dance yet. Stefan turned me down.”

“Well, big surprise. For years I've been telling you Count Stiffen couldn't be counted on. Now, maybe you'll believe it,” Luke preached.

Bobbie shook her head. “It doesn't matter if Stefan won't help me. I met with an FBI agent named Larkin and told him everything you told me about Anthony Sorrell. Larkin's going to help me find my daughter.”

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