Commissioner Mac Scorpio hated to hear his niece so brokenhearted. “There is nothing you can do here, Robin.”

“I want Sonny to know that I am thinking about him.”

Robin's concern for the mobster set the Commissioner's teeth on edge. “I will pass him the message,” he ground out.

There was silence on the other end. Mac sighed and softened his tone. “Look, Robin, there is really nothing you can do here. All you'll succeed in doing is to put yourself in danger.” Mac paused. “I don't think even Corinthos would want you to do that.”

“I will think about it.”

Mac hung up the phone and wearily rubbed his eyes. Maybe Sonny's departure for Pentonville would allow everyone's lives to finally return to normal. The Spencers and the Quartermaines could begin to heal, along with all the families of Sonny's slain bodyguards. His niece Robin could get back to her studies in Paris and not be tempted to involve herself in the cesspool of crime and danger that passed for Sonny Corinthos' life.

Mac studied the hand-drawn sketch for the hundredth time. In less than twenty-four hours mobster Sonny Corinthos would be transferred from a cell inside the Port Charles jail to Pentonville Federal Correctional Institute several hours away.

The inhabitants of Pentonville were, as a rule, the roughest, meanest and most unrepentant criminals in the United States. Sonny Corinthos fell into the third category. As long as Mac had known Sonny, he had taken pride in his successes in ‘business'. It did not appear to matter to Sonny that his business was illegal.

Sonny's lifestyle had finally caught up to him. His loved ones paid the ultimate price for it. Tomorrow Sonny would begin a payment that would take him the remainder of his life to pay off. If nothing went wrong during the next day's transfer.

Against the direct orders of the FBI, Mac had chosen to inform Marcus Taggert of the details of his half-brother's transfer. The Bureau was allowing Mac only three men from his department. If he was to be so handicapped during such a crucial transfer, Mac wanted someone he absolutely trusted to watch his back.

Mac knew that his confidence in the detective would not be misplaced. No matter the situation, Marcus Taggert would do the right thing.

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