Part Fifteen

There was no sound inside the cabin beside the quiet, efficient hum of well-tuned machinery. Alexandra suspected that the trip to her wedding in Greece had been far more lively for this particular group of travelers. Or at least it had been more vocal.

For nearly thirty minutes now on one had spoken except for the occasional whisper between seatmates. Lexie knew that it could not last much longer.

"So...why did you marry our brother?"

All attention was drawn to the newest member of the Cassadine family. Stefan, Faith, Alexis and Andresj' all abandoned any pretense of disinterest and awaited her response. Even Nikolas, his face set in a scowl, turned his attention his stepmother's way.

"What's so funny?" Sabrina wanted to know, intrigued by the tiny enigmatic smile adorning the young woman's face.

Alexandra looked at the plane's other occupants before finally meeting Sabrina's gaze. "Prince Stavros instructed me that of all the family, you would be the most blunt." She paused. "He also said that you would be the first to ask such a personal question."

Sabrina's mouth closed with a snap. It was a disconcerting thing for her to realize that Stavros knew her so well. It was a frightening thing as well.

"Nonetheless," Alexis took advantage of Sabrina's speechless state, "the question remains a valid one. Why did you marry Stavros?"

"That is a matter between my husband and myself." Her response was soft, but certain. Though Alexandra believed that the people now surrounding her were basically kind and caring, she did not know any of them well enough to discuss such private matters. The new bride had learned quickly that her husband was a staunch adherent of certain traditions. The sanctity of what was said between a husband and wife was definitely one. ‘There are certain rules, Princess, that you would do wise to commit to memory. First, obey me in all things...'

Stavros had gone on to list several other vital rules, among which was that she not repeat their private conversations to anyone. That applied to the family most of all.

Alexandra blushed at the thought of their private discourses. She did not wish to share with anyone the majority of discussions she'd had with her husband. During the brief duration of their marriage thus far, conversations tended to be very one-sided. Stavros spoke and she listened; sometimes with trepidation, sometimes with revulsion. But nearly always with sheer disbelief.

"Prince Stavros is your brother," Alexandra stated. "If you wish to know the reasons for our union, you will have to ask him."