Part Sixteen

A weary wedding party was invigorated as the launch grew closer and closer to Wyndemere. With varying degrees of confusion and surprise, the Cassadine family members took in the sight of the entire staff awaiting their arrival. Every single employee was formally clad. Like living sentries, they lined the path from the docks up to Wyndemere itself.

The launch docked with a barely perceptible bump. Three suited men leapt forward; one to anchor the launch, the other two to escort the Princess Alexandra onto land.

Stefan, Andresj' and Sabrina trailed behind Alexandra as she slowly made her way up the line of employees. Each servant introduced himself to Prince Stavros' new bride. With the exception of Mrs. Landsbury, who waited at the entrance to Wyndemere, the Cassadine employees focused their attention on Alexandra as though the other family members did not exist.

It was understandable for them. Prince Stavros had eyes everywhere, and no employee wanted to draw his attention as having failed to make the newest Cassadine bride feel welcome.

“Welcome, Princess Alexandra.”

The overwhelmed young woman had finally reached the doorway of her new home. “Thank you, Mrs. Landsbury.” Alexandra smiled at the housekeeper. “My husband has said that your good favor should be my priority. I hope that I can rely on your generous spirit to assist me in adapting to my new responsibilities?”

Mrs. Landsbury warmed to the young Princess. And she was young, the housekeeper thought. Alexandra was quiet in demeanor, with flawless skin and keen features. All in all, a most beautiful young lady.

“Indeed, Miss Alexandra. It has been my pleasure to serve this family for many years. I hope that I will have the opportunity to serve you for many years as well.” She gave a polite nod. “Now if you will follow me, I will lead you to the East Wing.”

With a single gesture, Mrs. Landsbury directed the other employees to handle the bags of the remaining family members. She set off for the Royal suite with Alexandra close behind her.