Part Twenty-Three

Alexandra did not know the history of all that had taken place among her new family prior to her wedding to Prince Stavros. But it was painfully obvious that something had, involving Stavros' only son Nikolas.

As far back as her wedding day to Stavros, Alexandra had noticed the sullen looks Nikolas directed toward the others of his family. Coupled with his reluctant behavior were the recriminating glances the other members of the Cassadine wedding party did not hesitate to slant Nikolas' way.

This morning's outing was no different. It did not take long among the family members gathered for sides to be taken and lines of loyalty to be drawn. Andresj' had quickly set the tone.


“Gia,” Nikolas had taken his fiancée by the hand, “I would like to introduce you to my new stepmother, the Princess Cassadine.”

As the young Campbell woman extended her hand in greeting, Andresj's not quite whispered comment was heard. “Take notes,” Andresj' murmured Gia's way. “Not that you will ever get to use them.”

~end flashback~

The remark immediately set the two young Cassadine men at one another. Stefan calmly stepped between them, but the tone for the remainder of the afternoon was set.

What had begun as a pleasant – albeit purposeful – outing disintegrated into a stilted, awkward endeavor. The arrival of Nikolas and his girlfriend Gia Campbell changed the entire atmosphere that had previously been enjoyed.

Now Alexandra found herself trailing a dark-suited servant down the staircase toward the formal dining room. After all the tension of the earlier outing, she had no idea what she might find awaiting her at dinner.

“Princess Alexandra has arrived for dinner,” the old servant announced pompously.

Stefan, Faith, Sabrina, Alexis and Andresj' all moved to stand next to their assigned seats. As required by protocol, they stood waiting until the Princess had been seated.

Despite the awkwardness of the morning's outing, Alexandra regretted that she did not see her stepson and Gia in attendance. Before parting she had issued to the young couple a sincere invitation to join them all for dinner that evening.

Upon reaching the head of the table, Alexandra flustered the old servant by declining his assistance to sit. Instead she turned to face the people assembled there. “Please… You are all family to me now,” she uttered so softly that the intrigued servants standing about the wall were forced to strain to hear her words. The new princess of Wyndemere gestured for the others to sit. “Prosim k stolu.”

Alexandra repeated the words just as Andresj' had taught her earlier. The informal Russian greeting (Please, to the table) brought surprised smiles to most of those in the room.

With that single phrase, the Princess Alexandra won over the nearby servants. Already they were pleased to discover that she would not be a repeat of their Prince.