Part Twenty-Four

She felt as though she was walking on air. Alexandra DiMera Cassadine did not bother to remove the happy little smile she wore. Dinner had been a lively, relaxed meal through which she had simply sat and observed the members of her new family.

Alexandra enjoyed their interaction so much that she was not even bothered by the fact that her brother-in-law Stefan watched her with equal interest. She could not miss the way his brilliant green eyes fixed on her with a single-mindedness that was impressive.

“Thank you.” Alexandra turned and gave a shy smile to the silent young woman who escorted her back to the threshold of the royal suite. She watched the woman suddenly bow her head and back quickly out of her presence. Alexandra did not know if she would ever get used to that aspect of life among the Cassadines.

“Tell me, Princess…what put that beautiful smile upon your face?”

Alexandra stumbled as she whirled about at the sound of the unexpected voice. She was so focused upon regaining her balance that she missed the look of extreme pleasure Stavros wore in response to her violent reaction to his presence.

“Careful, Princess.” Stavros reached out and helped steady his young wife.

“Stavros! I thought you would be in Europe for several more days!”

Prince Stavros allowed the slip in protocol to pass that one time. It angered him, nonetheless, that Alexandra had in such a short time, forgotten his careful training.

“The thought of my eager bride alone in my bed was enough to hasten my return to Port Charles. And you.”

Stavros enfolded his wife tenderly in his arms. His lips met Alexandra's in a slow, gentle lover's kiss that was all the more frightening because of its unusual nature.

The Prince's hands slid down his wife's back to cup her tenderly and draw her more firmly against him. “Do you feel how I have missed you?” he growled in her ear.

Alexandra felt his steely hardness press against her, leaving no doubt that Stavros was fully aroused and wanting.

“Do you know how many times during the endless flight here did I entertain thoughts of burying myself deep within you, my wife?” Stavros thrust lightly against her.

“Have you any concept of how I look forward to christening our marriage bed? To anointing the sheets with the mark of your innocence?”

Go ,” Stavros gently pushed his frozen wife toward the bathroom, “prepare yourself for me .”