Part Six

Alexandra hadn't believed anything could have been more demeaning than the circumstances which found her exchanging vows with Stavros Cassadine and becoming his bride, Princess Cassadine. After all, her father had basically sold her to the dark, arrogant man much the way he would have sold a prize mare.

Now, in these first moments that she and her new husband spent alone, Alexandra knew that she had been sadly mistaken. The wedding feast was still going strong. But as per tradition, the Prince and Princess had departed for their private chambers. Alexandra had not known what to expect from her mercurial new husband. Nothing in her wildest imagination had prepared her for this.

“I beg your pardon?” she stammered.

Stavros patiently repeated his statement. “Each night, as we retire, you will come to my bed naked. Should I desire you I do not wish to be hampered by your clothing.”

“You are joking, right?!” Alexandra looked at Stavros in disbelief.

“Did you not understand the vows you took, my Princess?” Stavros' voice was calm, but his words fairly vibrated with menace. “You are now mine. To do with as I please.” He moved to stand so close to her that Alexandra could feel the heat his body generated. “And I shall,” he vowed.

“I shall take you as I please ...when I please... where I please...” Stavros wrapped a lock of his bride's hair around his finger. The gesture, seemingly so tender, was contradicted by the words he spoke. “No act of love will be denied me.”

Instinctively Alexandra pulled back from the cruelty she saw in his eyes. As quick as a snake, Stavros buried his fingers in her hair and prevented her retreat. “Do not try me, Princess. You would not like me when I am angry.”

The words, so simply spoken, inspired a fear in the young woman unlike any she'd ever known. What kind of madman had her father enslaved her to? With a tremulous nod of her head, Alexandra signaled her obedience.

“There,” Stavros said, his countenance brightening, “that was not so difficult.” He released his hold on his bride's hair and smoothed it down. “Now go.” He gave her a slight push toward the bedroom. “Prepare yourself for me.”