Part Seven

“Magnificent, is it not,?” Stavros stared down admiringly. “Strong... straight... commanding...” He slanted a sadistic glance the young woman's way. “Royal.”

Dark and handsome, Stavros Cassadine felt no shame about standing naked and erect before her. Alexandra DiMera was now his bride, the Princess Cassadine. As such, she would learn to accept without question his every action.

His new bride glared at him, causing Stavros to burst forth in genuine laughter. “Come now - and you will soon,” he added, “did no one instruct you on the proper ways of a Cassadine bride?” The smile disappeared from his face. “When your Prince asks a question of you, you reply. Without delay.”

“In that case,” “Alexandra replied quietly, “I have seen larger.” The words flew from her mouth unbidden. She retained her healthy distrust of the stranger she had married, but some inner demon would not let herself cower before him.

Stavros stared at his young bride intently. A tiny smile played about the corners of his mouth as he realized that she had no intention of simply accepting her fate. Wonderful! Their wedding night would be more interesting than he had dared hope.

“Shall I share,” he began conversationally, “what tonight will hold for you?” He did not await Alexandra's response. “I shall make you mine. I will brand you in ways that you cannot conceive.” Stavros advanced on the motionless woman until he was inches away. “I shall take you standing...sitting...” he shrugged, “or any such position that pleases me... Willing or not.”

When no response to his statement was uttered, he tilted his head to one side. “Must I first teach you the rules once more?”

Alexandra glared at him with distaste. “I wasn't aware that you had posed a question,” she bit out. “Nonetheless I will respond.” She drew herself up proudly. “Your words were truer than you know, Stavros Cassadine. You will have to take me. I will never submit.”