Part Eight

‘You will have to take me. I will never submit.'

They were brave words, but ultimately a mistake. As soon as Alexandra uttered them she saw the gleam of challenge in her husband's eyes.

Perhaps somewhere deep inside she believed that in the end Stavros would respect the boundaries she had set; that ‘no' would mean ‘no'. Alexandra quickly discovered that it was not to be so.

With frightening quickness she found herself flat on her back fending off an amused Prince. Desperately the young bride attempted to push her husband from her. But Stavros merely smiled and began to tear the clothing from her struggling body.

“Yes, Sasha, fight me,” he urged. “It will make my conquest all the more sweet.”

The Princess Cassadine awoke to the warm, wet feel of someone gently soothing her tender flesh. Her eyes fluttered open to behold her imperious new husband, Prince Stavros, towel in hand, kneeling between her spread thighs.

“What are you doing?” Alexandra cried, as she tried to scramble away from his ministrations.

“Come now, Sasha. Surely you are not embarrassed by my care. Stavros' eyes grew even darker than usual. “We consummated the marriage with acts far more intimate than this.”

His tenderness, along with the affectionate nickname he called her made Alexandra's brow crease with confusion. Confusion seemed to be her constant companion since meeting and marrying the mercurial man before her. “You can be so tender now, but last night...” Her voice trailed off as she recalled the previous night. “I don't understand you, Stav-, Prince Stavros,” she corrected.

“Understanding is not required of you,” Stavros countered, opening his silken robe. “Merely obedience.” He let the silk garment slide from his broad shoulders.

“Beginning now.” That said, he cupped the back of his bride's head and forced it unerringly toward his engorged member.

Just as he had claimed on their wedding day, Stavros would not be denied. His hands firmly gripped Alexandra's head as he reveled in the warmth of her mouth engulfing his tumescence. “I suggest you relax your throat,” he cautioned the Princess as she began to gag. “I shall be displeased if I am forced to stop.”

Some indication of her thoughts must have shown on the beautiful young woman's face. Stavros painfully tightened his grasp upon her head and said, “The use of your teeth against me would be an error of ... fatal proportions.”

His warning issued, Stavros hastened his rhythm. He was visibly on the brink of orgasm, yet he continued to converse casually with his young wife. “Lest there be any confusion,” he said, his hips pumping, “my seed is royal.” Stavros stiffened as his release came. “You.... will not... waste a drop....” he ground out between clenched teeth.